Turbo Clinic UK ball bearing turbo replacements and repairs to optimise your driving experience and vehicle’s performance.


The journal bearing has been the brawn of the turbocharger for some time, however ball bearing turbos and ball bearing cartridges are now an affordable replacement, offering significant performance improvements whilst also being cost effective. Garrett ball bearing turbos and cartridges from Turbo Clinic UK have been designed and products to what has become arguable the best bullet proof turbochargers.

Ball Bearing turbo (BB) innovation began due to work with Garrett motor sports groups, where it received the name cartridge ball bearing. The cartridge is a small sleeve system which contains a group of angular contact ball bearings located either end of the main shaft. This differs from the traditional turbo, which contains a set of journal bearings and a thrust bearing.

All of our ball bearing turbos are a direct replacement of the original journal bearing turbo – simply bolt off and bolt on. Unlike other turbo reconditioning companies, we have the necessary machining facilities to avoid the need to replace pipe work, exhausts and manifolds. We can machine out compressor and turbine housing to accommodate your potentially larger ball bearing cartridge.

We offer an extensive variety of ball bearing turbos for most vehicles in the GT series of ball bearing turbos. Whether you want blistering performance for exceptional acceleration to hit the heights of 160mph down a drag strip, or simply just seek a better driving experience for day to day journeys, Turbo Clinic UK are here to help. Get in touch with our friendly team of experts today so we can discuss your exact requirements.

The Advantages

Improved Turbo Response

When driving a vehicle that uses a ball bearing turbo, drivers will notice an exceptional crisp and powerful throttle response – a noticeable difference from the traditional turbo.

Reduced Oil Flow

A ball bearing turbo is designed to reduce the amount of oil required to provide an adequate amount of lubrication. A lower volume of oil means a reduced risk of seal leakage and a more tolerant ball bearing to marginal lube conditions, diminishing the possibility of turbo failure or complete engine shut down.

Improved Rotor Dynamics and Durability

The ball bearing cartridge is known to five a better dampening and control over shaft motion, increasing reliability for all conditions, from the everyday commute to extreme weather driving. As well as this, the angular contact bearing cartridge removes the need for a thrust bearing, which is often thought to be the weak link in a turbocharger bearing system.

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