Car Tuning and Remapping

Car Tuning and Remapping

Here at Turbo Clinic UK we have always strived to offer our customers the best products. With that in mind we now offer a full range of car tuning and remapping services from our Leeds based workshop.

We’ve built up a reputation for quality and customer service over the years, by offering products that not only perform but are reliable, and our remapping service is no exception. Working alongside Avon Tuning, our engineers can offer all OBD tuning services as outlined below.

We carry out a full health check of the vehicle before any work is undertaken, once we are happy with the vehicle then the tuning can begin.

A further full check of the vehicle is carried out on completion of the modifications to make sure it is running to its full potential.

We offer the following services

ECU Remapping

Whether you’re looking for gains in power, increased fuel efficiency or a better drive, our ECU Remaps are reliable and top quality.

DPF Removal/Delete

DPF (diesel particulate filter) captures small soot particles, preventing them from being expelled into the atmosphere. We offer a DPF removal, replacement or cleaning service.

EGR Removal/Delete

The EGR valve directs part of the exhaust gases back into the engine, through the air intake system - the purpose being to reduce emissions. This can cause carbon deposits to build up in the EGR valve, as well as other parts. Our EGR removal service can result in prolonged engine/ life, more power, cleaner intake, reduced maintenance costs & better fuel efficiency

Swirl Flap Removal

Swirl flaps are considered one of the biggest design mistakes in auto history. They were designed to regulate the fuel > air ratio, which results in better torque at lower speeds. The main issue comes with vehicles that were fitted with metal swirl flaps, which were prone to coming loose and causing major damage to the combustion chamber. However they can also suffer from failure to open (failed actuator), carbon build ups & leaking manifolds. We offer a safe and secure removal service, so you don’t need to worry about any of these issues

Speed Limiter Removal

Speed limiters are often fitted by manufacturers to reduce the top speed capabilities of a vehicle. This can be removed in most vehicles by updating the ECU.

DSG Remap

Our custom DSG gearbox remaps can involve Raising the DSG torque limiter, increasing the shift speeds, adjusting the RPM Limits & Shift Set Points, activating the launch control. This blend of tuning gives you better control and increased performance.

Additional services

○Adblue removal

○Gearbox update

○Launch control

○Lambda delete

○Rev limit Adjustment

○Fault code delete

○Popcorn Limiter

○Start/stop disable

○MAF Delete

We also provide an expert turbo fitting service. Please ring for details