Electronic actuator repair service, calibration and testing for the highest quality reconditioned turbo possible.


In the turbocharger industry, recent advancements means that a larger proportion of manufacturers are now using electronic actuators to both power their turbos and to control essential boost levels.

Up until recently the industry has not been able to supply a reconditioned turbo controlled by an electronic actuator, and be sure that it will be as good as the original OE turbo. The vast majority of companies offering electronic actuator repairs over the past 24 months have been unsuccessful, causing problems for both you and your mechanic with owner’s costs rocketing due to faulty turbos. For these reasons we have turned down a great deal of this type of work over the past 2 years because of this, and because of our strict policies and a firm belief that we should be 100% confident in what we sell.

Over the past 12 months, Turbo Clinic UK have conducted in-depth research into the complexity of electronic actuators and how they work in tandem with the turbo. We have invested heavily in the necessary testing equipment, tools, and spare parts required to test and repair these actuators and we are now able to supply as a separate part or calibrate one with a reconditioned turbo.

 If these turbos aren’t repaired 100% accurately, your vehicle will either  go into limp mode,  also known as emergency running, it could cause choking of the engine and over speeding of the turbines, or it could give the turbo lag. We have been able to set up and test these complex electronic actuators, and we can now supply our customers with a fully reconditioned turbo, safe in the knowledge that it will be 100% as good as new. This ethic emphasises the way we work on a daily basis – quality always comes first.

We believe in providing the highest quality reconditioned turbos and reconditioned actuators at Turbo Clinic UK Ltd, nothing less. We also offer an expert turbo fitting service, get in touch today for more information.

We also provide an expert turbo fitting service. Please ring for details

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