Fast, efficient turbo reconditioning service, collected and delivered right to your doorstep from Turbo Clinic UK.


At Turbo Clinic we pride ourselves on providing a high quality, efficient turbo repair service on your existing turbo, rather than providing you with either a new turbocharger or one from our stock. Years of experience tells us this is the best practice and when time allows, turbos should be repaired rather than replaced.

There are a range of reasons you may wish to repair your turbo rather than replace it, and at Turbo Clinic UK, you can feel rest assured that we are working with your turbo and your parts. This ensures that you only pay for the components which need replacing. By following this recommended procedure, we can identify the reasons your turbo failed and expertly advise whether or not anything can be done to rectify the problem, rather than replacing your turbo and the same problem occurring at a later date.

We will arrange the collection of your turbo from an address that is most convenient to you

We will receive the turbocharger the next day, at which point we can begin our diagnosis and repair procedure to provide you with a high quality reconditioned turbo. Your turbo will then be stripped into components with all seals, bearings, nuts and studs being discarded of. At this stage, your turbo components are then washed thoroughly and steamed cleaned to allow us to assess the condition and damage that is present. All bearing housing and turbine housing is then put into a furnace to burn off remaining carbon deposits, before the final cleaning and polishing procedure can begin. Once polished, a final inspection is then carried out on each component to ensure that all parts meet the OE manufacturer’s specifications. 

Any components that do not comply with these industry standards are then replaced with brand new original parts. From here, we can then begin the process of dynamically balancing the shaft wheels and compressor wheels, before being built to a core assembly. All high speed turbos, which usually consists of the majority of car and light vehicle turbos, are then core balanced up to 250,000 RPM on the latest VSR (Vibration Sort Rig) machine. This makes your reconditioned turbo much quieter and longer-lasting. We can then install the compressor and turbine housing along with the actuator and calibration of the actuator being completed. All of the variable vain turbos (VNT or VGT) are then set up on a VNT flow bench, which is rare in the industry, but absolutely critical in the reconditioning process, or you cannot guarantee the performance of the turbo charger. This can potentially result in the turbo charger having to be removed and repaired again. We’ve invested in this special equipment so that we can deliver on our beliefs, that quality and perfection always come first. A final inspection of your reconditioned turbo then takes place, before all nuts, bolts and gaskets are supplied.

Your perfectly performing turbo is then boxed and sent back to you the next day with all print outs and certificates, showing all the necessary tests have been carried out.

We also provide an expert turbo fitting service. Please ring for details

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